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0477 222 835

Bec Gross

Bec Gross

Specializes in spiritual healing

Meet Bec Gross, our versatile healer and wellness enthusiast at truly holistic day spa. With a diverse background in energetic spiritual healing, remedial massage, beauty therapy, and personal training, Bec brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to her practice.

What: Bec's journey into healing began with a deep-seated interest in spiritual healing from a young age. After extensive training and mentorship, she opened her own business focusing on spiritual healing. This path naturally led her to explore other modalities such as remedial massage, driven by her desire to address both the physical and energetic aspects of well-being.

How: Bec's approach to healing is multifaceted, drawing from her expertise in various modalities to address both physical and energetic imbalances. Whether it's relieving physical pain, addressing emotional issues, or providing spiritual guidance, Bec tailors each session to meet the unique needs of her clients, offering a bespoke experience that promotes healing and transformation.

Why: Clients trust Bec's holistic approach and genuine care, finding comfort in her ability to address their needs from multiple angles. Whether it's physical pain, emotional distress, or spiritual imbalance, Bec provides a safe and nurturing space for clients to find clarity, healing, and relief.



"I empower individuals to achieve holistic wellness by integrating various modalities such as energetic spiritual healing, remedial massage, and beauty therapy, offering personalized solutions that address physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances."


Unique Approach

Bec stands out for her ability to offer a diverse range of healing modalities tailored to each client's unique needs. Her holistic approach, combined with her willingness to explore different perspectives and techniques, ensures that clients receive comprehensive care that addresses all aspects of their well-being.

Outside of Work

Beyond her healing practice, Bec finds joy in weight training, walking her dog, and indulging in binge-watching reality TV shows. While she is deeply immersed in the world of healing and wellness during work hours, she also values downtime and finds relaxation in the simple pleasures of life, whether it's a good book or a guilty pleasure TV series.

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