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Linda Turner

Linda Turner

Specializes Skin specialist

Meet Linda Turner, the visionary founder of The Wellness Path and dedicated skin specialist. With over four decades of experience in the beauty industry, Linda's passion for helping individuals achieve clear, radiant skin has remained unwavering.

What: Linda specializes in addressing skin concerns, particularly acne, leveraging her extensive expertise to deliver transformative results. Her dedication to mastering her craft has equipped her with the skills and knowledge to effectively treat various skin conditions, instilling confidence in her ability to help anyone achieve healthy, glowing skin.

How: Linda's approach to skincare is rooted in customization and precision. By utilizing Dermaviduals, a skin-identical and prescriptive skin care line, she tailors each treatment plan to meet the unique needs of her clients, ensuring optimal results. Collaborating with naturopaths and other healing modalities enhances her holistic approach, offering clients a comprehensive solution to their skincare concerns.

Why: Clients trust Linda's expertise and commitment to skincare excellence, knowing that they are in capable hands. Her personalized approach, combined with her years of experience and dedication to ongoing learning, sets her apart in the industry. By working with Linda, clients not only achieve clearer, healthier skin but also gain valuable insights and resources for maintaining their overall well-being.



My Mission

"I empower individuals to achieve clear radiant skin through personalized skin care solutions and collaborative partnerships with naturopaths and healing modalities, fostering a holistic approach to beauty and wellness"

Unique Approach

Linda leads a team dedicated to delivering exceptional skincare results using advanced techniques and skin-identical products. Her commitment to continuous learning and collaboration ensures that clients receive the most comprehensive and effective skincare solutions tailored to their individual needs.

Outside of Work

Beyond her role as a skincare specialist, Linda enjoys spending time outdoors, soaking up the beauty of nature and finding inspiration in its serenity. An avid reader, she finds solace in immersing herself in books that expand her knowledge and perspective. Linda's passion for wellness extends beyond her professional endeavors, as she seeks to lead a balanced and fulfilling life both inside and outside the spa.

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