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Mind & Soul

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Next Level Healing

90 min $180
Intuitive Guidance / Energy Work

This personalised journey combines the healing arts that speak toyour soul, promoting relaxation, balance, and rejuvenation. As an added touch, our practitioners bring their unique gifts to enhance your experience. Whether you seek Reiki, a balanced chakra alignment, the transformative touch of Access Bars, intuitive guidance, somatic emotional release, or inner child healing.

Customize It

$15 each

Sound bath
Healing instruments are played to create a therapeutic atmosphere that helps us rest deeply, rebalance our nervous systems and help release emotions. The sound bowls have a vibro - acoustic effect on the body, enabling you to feel the sound as well as hear it. The gentle sound waves harmonise with our brain waves and slows them down, allowing the nervous system to reset. Sound healing (also known as a sound bath), gives you time and space to be still and silent, slowing you down, resting your body and mind.

Custom-blended oils are meticulously crafted to guide you on a journey from where you are to where you want to be. Let the power of scent envelop you, enhancing your experience and promoting relaxation, balance, and overall well-being. Designed to elevate your senses, soothe the mind, rejuvenate the body, and uplift the spirit.

Energy flow massage
Unlock personalized rejuvenation transcending ordinary relaxation. We blend and customize techniques to balance your energy, offering bespoke treatments for pure serenity. Elevate your well-being with our next-level body and mind experience.

Mineral Mud
Your therapist will apply Dead sea mineral mud (rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium) which also has detoxifying and lymphatic drainage properties and massage away your inflammation, aches and pains. After showering, finishing with a full body skin hydration application.

Infrared Sauna
A range of health benefits, including deep tissue relaxation, detoxification through increased sweating, improved circulation, stress reduction, skin purification, potential support for weight management, boosted immune system, and enhanced cardiovascular health. Regular use can contribute to overall well-being by promoting relaxation, better sleep, and a rejuvenated sense of health. 


Mineral Mud Detox

2hrs 15min
$280 single $560 couple

 Infrared sauna · Magnesium Body Exfoliation
 Mineral Mud Massage & Body Wrap
 Enzyme Facial · Refreshments


Wellness Immersion

Allow 2.5 hrs
$220 single $390 couple 

Embark on a complete sensory journey and transformative experience. This impactful session serves as a gateway to understanding complete well-being.
Elements: An aromatherapy foot bath, a personalised wellbeing consultation, hydrotherapy spa & infrared sauna session. A dry body brush, exfoliation, massage, gua sha, head and feet massage, affirmations, and a touch of breathwork.
Discover: A prescriptive approach, based on your input, consultation and insights.

We would start with this one if you are not sure what to choose 🙂

Ultimate Enhancers
30 min $70 each

‘Create your own custom package’ with a minimum of 3 enhancers, or add on as many as you like to 60 or 90 min treatments


Signature Foot Ritual
Hot towel foot soak, callus smoothing, mineral mud massage to detoxify & heal, with a salt scrub exfoliating massage.

Medi Pedi
Foot soak, thick callus is dissolved away, buffed & smoothed, finished with a hydrating massage.

Harmonise your body's natural energy flow through the manipulation of pressure points on the feet, fostering relaxation and balance throughout your entire body.


Detox Dry Body Brush
Dry body brush and exfoliating mitts are used to help detoxify the skin by increasing blood flow and promoting lymph flow /drainage.

Magnesium Salt Scrub
Using magnesium mineral- rich salts and nourishing oils, leaves you with a silky-smooth exfoliated skin.

Energy Healing
Healing arts that speak to your soul. Promoting relaxation, balance, and rejuvenation. Gentle energy of Reiki, a balanced chakra alignment, the transformative touch of Access Bars, or intuitive guidance, our skilled practitioners are here to curate a session that resonates with you.


Gua Sha Lift and Sculpt Massage

Ancient Chinese art of Gua Sha with modern skincare. By gliding smooth, cool tools along the contours of your face, tension melts away, energy pathways are stimulated & lymphatic system is activated.

LED Light Therapy

Illuminate your skin. This noninvasive and blissfully relaxing experience utitises advanced LED technology with different coloured light to target specific skin concerns and promote a radiant complexion.

Express Facial 

Enzyme Peel The Enzyme Peel, rich in natural fruit enzymes, works to exfoliate and renew, unveiling a brighter and smoother complexion. This helps to remove dead skin cells, unclog pores.

Inner Health Inner Harmony

Naturopathy: A holistic approach to health & well-being, focusing on natural therapies & lifestyle adjustments to promote overall wellness. We will discuss your health goals & give you guidance & lifestyle recommendations with a treatment plan to take you where you want to be.

Myofascial release cupping

As the cups glide over targeted areas, or left on specific points, they help release tension, stimulate blood flow and encourage the body’s natural healing processes. It can also release scar tissue, stagnation and toxins.

What our clients are saying

Ellie ObrienEllie Obrien
00:30 05 Apr 24
We had a couples magnesium massage and it was amazing! The entire experience from start to finish was incredible
Rachael O'neillRachael O'neill
06:49 28 Feb 24
Thank you for the most amazing, relaxing massage today. Beautiful calm atmosphere, was exactly what I needed.
Lorien GLorien G
10:38 17 Feb 24
Wow such an amazing experience. Beautiful and clean, relaxing and inviting surrounds, excellent clinicians who are experts in their craft. 110% recommend! We will definitely be back!
Amy MahonyAmy Mahony
20:52 29 Jan 24
We had the most amazing experience at the Wellness Path Day Spa. We surprised my Mum and her friend for their birthdays and had such a great time. The massage and facials were amazing and relaxing in the spa with champagne was such a great start to the experience here! The team are so knowledgeable and experts in their fields.Thank you!
Manie AManie A
09:00 16 Jan 24
Lovely staff members, very accommodating and attentive
Ada LeungAda Leung
19:14 17 May 23
What an extraordinary wellness space! it’s a wonderful healing ❤️‍🩹 and pamper spa that offers so much in wellness from facials to holistic acupuncture. Thank you Linda and her amazing team for welcoming me into your gorgeous healing family. I look forward to more amazing treatments. If you want to feel like a million bucks & floating on cloud nine…try out my bespoke treatments.
sharon househamsharon househam
06:14 14 Sep 22
It seemed the perfect way to start a Hens Weekend and it didn't disappoint. We started with a Jacuzzi and some Champagne, then we each had a Facial and a Massage. When we were finished a plate of cheese and dips were waiting for us along with some Herbal Tea. I would highly recommend The Wellness Path Day Spa for get together with your girlfriends, or treat yourself to some pampering

The Path to Wellness is a healing haven designed to discover the treasure within.

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