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Ultimate Enhancers

Take your experience to the next level with our selection of ultimate enhancers for your feet

Treat your body to complete relaxation and repair.


Ultimate Enhancers for your feet

30 min $70 each

Hot towel foot soak, callus smoothing, mineral mud massage to detoxify & heal, with a salt scrub exfoliating massage.

Foot soak, thick callus is dissolved away, buffed & smoothed, finished with a hydrating massage. 

An ancient art and a therapeutic practice that harmonises your body's natural energy flow through the manipulation of pressure points on the feet. Our skilled therapists expertly navigate this map of well-being, fostering relaxation and balance throughout your entire body.

Take your experience to the next level with our selection of ultimate enhancers for your face

Treat your body to complete relaxation and repair.

Ultimate enhancers for you face

30 min $70 each

Ancient Chinese art of Gua Sha with modern skincare, promoting radiant and revitalized skin. By gliding smooth, cool tools along the contours of your face tension melts away, and energy pathways are stimulated. Help improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and promote lymphatic drainage, leaving your skin looking and feeling firmer and more radiant.

Illuminate your skin. This non-invasive and blissfully relaxing experience utitises advanced LED technology to target specific skin concerns and promote a radiant complexion. Bask in the gentle glow of different coloured therapeutic LED lights, red lights stimulate collagen, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while blue light combats acne causing bacteria, promoting a clearer complexion. Green light helps balance skin tone and helps reduce hyperpigmentation, leaving you with a more even and luminous complexion. 

Revitalise your complexion designed to leave your skin refreshed and glowing. This express indulgence is perfect for those on the go who seek immediate results.The Enzyme Peel, rich in natural fruit enzymes, works to exfoliate and renew, unveiling a brighter and smoother complexion. This helps to remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and promote a radiant glow, leaving your skin with a revitalised texture.

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Take your experience to the next level with our selection of ultimate enhancers for your body

Treat your body to complete relaxation and repair.


Ultimate Enhancers for you body

30 min $70 each

Dry body brush and exfoliating mitts are used to help detoxify the skin by increasing blood flow and promoting lymph flow /drainage. This is an invigorating and smooth skin add on. 

Using magnesium mineral-rich salts and nourishing oils, leaves you with a silky-smooth exfoliated skin. The added touch of hot towels heightens the experience, promoting deep relaxation and maximising the scrub's exfoliating benefits.

This personalised journey combines the healing arts that speak to your soul, promoting relaxation, balance, and rejuvenation. As an added touch, our practitioners bring their unique gifts to enhance your experience, creating a harmonious blend of therapeutic modalities tailored just for you. Whether you seek the gentle energy of Reiki, a balanced chakra alignment, the transformative touch of Access Bars, or intuitive guidance, our skilled practitioners are here to curate a session that resonates with you.

Naturopathy: ‌A holistic  approach to health & well-being, focusing on natural therapies & lifestyle adjustments to promote overall wellness. We will discuss your health goals & give you guidance & lifestyle recommendations with a treatment plan to take you where you want to be.

Discover the ancient art of cupping. This traditional technique, rooted in holistic wellness, involves the placement of specially designed cups on the skin to create gentle suction, promoting improved circulation and a sense of deep relaxation. As the cups glide over targeted areas, or are left on specific points, they help release tension, stimulate blood flow, and encourage the body's natural healing processes. It can also release scar tissue, stagnation and toxins.


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