Balancing Treatments

Treatments to bring mind, body and soul into alignment

Treat your body to complete relaxation and repair.

Healing instruments are played to create a therapeutic atmosphere that helps us rest deeply, rebalance our nervous systems and help release emotions. The sound bowls have a vibro - acoustic effect on the body, enabling you to feel the sound as well as hear it. The vibrations ripple through the bones, muscles, organs and fluids. This removes blockages and restores the natural flow of energy and balance. The gentle sound waves harmonise with our brain waves and slows them down, allowing the nervous system to reset. During our hectic lives we are bombarded with stimulation and information, sound healing (also known as a sound bath), gives you time and space to be still and silent, slowing you down, resting your body and mind.

$145 single $195 couple 60mins


- Share a journey of self exploration, healing & expansion alongside one another, growing individually and together.

- Be witnessed by each another, invoking a new level of connection as parts of yourselves are seen and expressed.

- Experience deeper intimacy in your relationship/friendship moving forward as each of you are showing up more grounded, authentic and better able to understand each other.

This session begins with each of you sharing what is alive for you in your life and what your intention is for the session. During the breathwork journey, each person stays on your own matt and receives verbal guidance, touch work and support from Carly. The session ends with an opportunity to share about your journey whilst being witnessed by your partner as well as an opportunity to share gratitudes with each other.

A profound and unforgettable, shared experience for all couples. And a magical and meaningful experiences for all friends to share!

$400 couple - 2 hours

We will begin with an conversation and opportunity to tune in and explore what is currently present in your life. We will also identify any underlying themes that may need to be addressed somatically during the upcoming breathwork journey. The breath repatterning session will provide a transformative experience to facilitate healing. We will closing with a conversation that supports your integration, allowing you to bring these insights and shifts into daily life.

$250 - 90 mins

A targeted therapeutic approach addressing musculoskeletal issues. Tailored to individual needs, it involves assessment, personalised treatment plans, and techniques such as deep tissue massage and stretching. Ideal for pain management, injury rehabilitation, and overall well-being. Provides education for self-care at home. This holistic approach aims to release tension, reduce pain, and improve muscle and joint function.

Health fund rebates available, please ask

$140 - 60 mins $185 - 90 mins

$195 - 90 mins

Infrared saunas offer a range of health benefits, including deep tissue relaxation, detoxification through increased sweating, improved circulation, pain relief for conditions like arthritis, stress reduction, skin purification, potential support for weight management, boosted immune system, and enhanced cardiovascular health. Regular use can contribute to overall well-being by promoting relaxation, better sleep, and a rejuvenated sense of health.

$49- 30 mins

Get the relaxation and physical relief of massage and the hydrating and purifying benefits of a Dead Sea Mineral Mud body wrap. Your body tensions will melt away. Your detox begins with time in our Infrared Sauna (reduces pain and inflammation); move into a mineral mud massage and wrap (rich in minerals which aid in detoxification, helps with relief of pain and puffiness); an enzyme facial, scalp massage, then refresh in a warm shower before receiving a full body magnesium scrub that is exfoliating/ hydrating/ rejuvenating to complete your detox journey. One of the best detox services in a Day Spa in Port Stephens.


Infra sauna
Magnesium body scrub
Mineral mud massage and body wrap
Enzyme Facial

$280 - allow 2.5 hours

Access Bars is a holistic healing technique that is part of Access Consciousness, a set of tools and processes, Access Bars involve gentle touch on 32 points on the head, which are believed to correspond to different areas of life such as healing, body, control, awareness, creativity, power, ageing, money, and more.
Your practitioner lightly touches these points, allowing the release of electromagnetic charge associated with thoughts, feelings, and emotions. The goal is to clear energetic blockages and promote a sense of relaxation and well-being. You may experience a greater sense of mental clarity, reduced stress, improved sleep, and enhanced overall life satisfaction.

$115 - 60mins

This personalised journey combines the healing arts that speak to your soul, promoting relaxation, balance, and rejuvenation. As an added touch, our practitioners bring their unique gifts to enhance your experience, creating a harmonious blend of therapeutic modalities tailored just for you. Whether you seek the gentle energy of Reiki, a balanced chakra alignment, the transformative touch of Access Bars, the revitalising power of Pranic Healing, or intuitive guidance, our skilled practitioners are here to curate a session that resonates with you.

$115 - 60mins

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Balancing Treatments and Holistic Therapies

Feel beautiful inside and out, top-to-toe with our holistic combination of alternative healing, natural therapies and beauty therapy.

We have a dedicated premises conveniently close to the Nelson Bay town centre but without the parking hassles. The Wellness Path Day Spa is simple to find and has ample, easy off and on street parking (including at rear).

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