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Looking for a Day Spa in Nelson Bay?

Re-engage your spirit to refresh you mentally and physically with one of our holistic spa packages.

These packages combine energetic healing, body work and natural therapies to work with you on all levels.

A holistic spa package may be suitable for you if you are ready to experience deep relaxation and meditation, open to your spirit’s own healing potential and ready to move forward in your life

This personalised journey combines the healing arts that speak to your soul, promoting relaxation, balance, and rejuvenation. As an added touch, our practitioners bring their unique gifts to enhance your experience, creating a harmonious blend of therapeutic modalities tailored just for you. Whether you seek the gentle energy of Reiki, a balanced chakra alignment, the transformative touch of Access Bars, the revitalising power of Pranic Healing, intuitive guidance, somatic emotional release or inner child healing our skilled practitioners are here to curate a session that resonates with you.

$180 - 90 mins

Customise it 

$15 each

Sound bath 


Energy flow massage

Mineral Mud

Healing instruments are played to create a therapeutic atmosphere that helps us rest deeply, rebalance our nervous systems and help release emotions. The sound bowls have a vibro - acoustic effect on the body, enabling you to feel the sound as well as hear it. The vibrations ripple through the bones, muscles, organs and fluids. This removes blockages and restores the natural flow of energy and balance. The gentle sound waves harmonise with our brain waves and slows them down, allowing the nervous system to reset. During our hectic lives we are bombarded with stimulation and information, sound healing (also known as a sound bath), gives you time and space to be still and silent, slowing you down, resting your body and mind.

$195 - 90 mins

Mineral Mud Healing Detox. Relax with a hydrating & purifying dead sea mineral body wrap. Begin your detox in your infrared sauna to reduce pain and inflammation. Next, your therapist will massage mineral rich mud to aid detoxification and relieve puffiness and pain. An enzyme facial, blissful head massage, and a warm shower. A magnesium body scrub to exfoliate, rejuvenate and hydrate completes your journey.

Infrared sauna
Magnesium Body Exfoliation
Mineral Mud Massage & Body Wrap
Enzyme Facial

$280 single $560 couple - allow 2hrs 15mins


Our Nelson Bay Day Spa


Wellness Spa Packages Intro

We are a collaboration of holistic healers, natural therapists and beauty therapist who believe that wellness is the best makeup you’ll ever wear.

We have a dedicated premises conveniently close to the Nelson Bay town centre but without the parking hassles, it's also one of the closest Day Spa's from Nelson Bay. The Wellness Path Day Spa is simple to find and has ample, easy off and on street parking (including at rear). 

Day Spa Shoal Bay

 There isn't much to say, other than Brilliant!!! Working with practitioners who just get and know what is needed, not only for the body but also to support emotional and spirit is a huge advantage. Sceptical as to how profound the effects can be? Then I challenge you to just allow yourself to be gifted a most wonderful transformation possible.

Sharon E.

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